Invigorating Philosophy for the 21st Century

July 16–19

UMass Lowell

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of C. S. Peirce, The Charles S. Peirce Society and The Peirce Foundation sponsored The Charles S. Peirce International Centennial Congress, held on July 16-19, 2014 at the Inn & Conference Center of the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The general theme of the congress was Invigorating Philosophy for the 21st Century. Plenary speakers included Douglas Anderson, Vincent Colapietro, Susan Haack, Christopher Hookway, Nathan Houser, Ivo Ibri, Cheryl Misak, Claudine Tiercelin, and Fernando Zalamea. The Congress was attended by more than 250 scholars, including more the 200 presenters!

Peirce was one of the most creative and versatile intellectual figures of the last two centuries. Although his genius went largely unrecognized during his lifetime, his work has exerted a considerable influence on the development of philosophy and many other disciplines. In addition to his acknowledged role as one of the pioneers of pragmatism, formal logic, and philosophical sign theory, Peirce made groundbreaking contributions to mathematics, experimental psychology, cosmology, cartography, historiography, and the emerging field of computer science. Many treasures still wait to be unearthed from the rich corpus of the published and unpublished manuscripts of this seminal American mind.

The aim of the Centennial Congress was to advance scholarship on all aspects of Peirce’s thought and biography, and to investigate the relevance and potential of his philosophy for the 21st century—for contemporary philosophical debates and beyond.

The Call for Papers is archived here.

Events celebrating the centennial of Peirce’s death other than the 2014 Peirce International Centennial Congress are not affiliated with or sponsored by the Peirce Society or the Peirce Foundation.